Auto Shipping

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We are not your typical auto transport company.  Backed by years of industry leading experience, Vehiport aims to revolutionize the industry through modern technology and a high level of transparent customer service.  Being fully bonded and insured, Vehiport is federally licensed and authorized by the Department of Transportation to ship any vehicle nationwide. We understand the need for quick, safe, and affordable shipments; for this reason, Vehiport employs some of the most efficient and advanced cloud computing software in the industry.

Through our online order system, you have the ability to view and update your shipment info 24/7.  Being paperless means no more faxing or e-mailing contracts, personal information, and credit card numbers.  We are confident that you will find our services to be quick, efficient, and consumer friendly.

Moving across the country?  Buying a vehicle from out of town?  One of the biggest questions in this process is; should you look for an auto transport company or should you drive?  If you have not had the opportunity to weigh the pros and cons, this article can provide some insights to help you to make the right decision.

When driving cross-country, there are a few expenses that can add up quickly.  With the average cost of fuel approaching $4 a gallon, the cost of gas alone can be daunting.  Taking the US average vehicle fuel economy of 22.6 mpg and factoring in a 2,811 mile drive from New York, NY to Los Angeles, CA leaves us with a figure of 124.38 gallons worth of fuel needed.  With fuel at $3.96 a gallon, the expected costs add up to $492.54 without including any detours.

Lets take a look at time on the road to estimate food and lodging costs.  If we calculate an average a speed of 70 miles per hour for this trip, it will take a little over 40hrs to drive the distance.  To make the trip safely, driving should be limited to 10hrs a day creating a need for three days of lodging.  At an average of $98.08 a day, hotel costs can be $294.24 or more.  This has yet to factor in the costs of food.  If one person eats fast food three meals a day spending $7 a meal, for the 4 day trip costs would add up to $84 not including any snacks along the way.

So far the total costs for this drive add up to $870.78.  This cost does not factor in time off work or the effort it takes to make this trip.  Taking the household median income in the United States of $46,326, four days absent from work would cost $507.62 in lost wages or spent vacation time.

As the time and costs add up, its easy to see how auto shipping can not only make sense but help save money.  The fact is, vehicle shipping in many circumstances is much more cost effective than driving.

We want to help you to efficiently ship your vehicle.  The auto transport industry is littered with thousands of companies who are looking for your business.  We encourage you to take your time and make sure you have all the facts before you make a decision on who you choose.  Please visit our “important info” page and do not hesitate to call us with any questions.

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