Race Car Sponsorship

race car transportVehiport strives to be a true automotive enthusiast company. We take great pride in what we do, whether it be shipping your vehicle cross country or supporting the competitive automotive community. Here at Vehiport we eat, sleep, and breath cars. This is why Vehiport is proud to sponsor a race car during the National Auto Sports Association (NASA) 2011 season in the American Iron series.

Vehiport carefully selected one of the best drivers to sponsor within the southeast region and maybe the nation. Number 890, Will Stukas, has accomplished many achievements within the automotive world. He currently is placed first in the series and continues to gain points over the other drivers.  Having shocked his opponents from the very beginning of the season, he continues to push the limits of his vehicle and the competition. We encourage everybody to come out and support him with us!

About the racing series РThe National Auto Sport Association (NASA) offers opponents three classes, Camaro Mustang Challenge (CMC), American Iron (AI), and American Iron Extreme (AIX). Vehiport supports their driver in the southeastern region of the American Iron Series. NASA takes place all over the United States with 11 regions at numerous world renowned courses such as Road Atlanta.  All three series meet at the National Championships in September to culminate a national champion.

race car transport


race car transport