Special Olympics

Vehiport feels that our community involvement efforts should not just revolve around vehicles, that is why we have volunteer efforts periodically with the Special Olympics.  Most of the competitors involved in the Special Olympics are true athletes giving 110% to every practice and event.  The most recent involvement was at the bowling state championships just north of Atlanta, GA.  It was an exciting event with a packed venue and most athletes achieving triple digit numbers!

Mark, one of our team members here at Vehiport, is an avid supporter of the Special Olympics. Having a mentally disabled brother who loves to compete on a local level with the organization, Mark regularly attends events and volunteers for every opportunity he can.  It is our privilege to see that his dedication and care is devoted not only to his company but also to his brother. When asked about the time he spends volunteering, Mark states, “I am happy that the organization (Special Olympics) gives me a chance to help out these incredible athletes in categories such as bowling, soccer, and swimming…”

Mark uses his knowledge in many sports, including his experience at the collegiate level to help encourage the athletes while volunteering.  With soccer experience at the university level, he reports, “sometimes I have a hard time keeping up with some of these athletes, they have an incredible amount of skill!”  Mark goes on to say, “With the utmost concentration and devotion towards their sport and the coaches, the athletes are extremely appreciative without any hesitation to thank everybody for all of their support.”

With examples of loyalty and self-sacrifice like this, Vehiport is convinced that it has some of the most dedicated and caring team members in the industry.  We encourage everyone to join Mark in his volunteer efforts to help support the Special Olympics!