Corporate Services

Vehiport offers a corporate vehicle shipping program that is designed to accommodate the characteristics of your specific business needs. Our shipping background is optimally tuned towards business to business vehicle transportation and all of our accounts are custom built and managed to suit your corporate auto transport needs.


With potential sales on the line, Vehiport knows that dealerships must have a reliable, timely, and cost effective way of shipping and receiving vehicles. Let Vehiport be the solution for you.  With our competitive pricing, it is our aim for you to save time and keep the largest margin possible. We offer increased discounts with larger auto transport loads to ensure you are getting the very best in quality and price.

Household Moving Companies

The opportunity is knocking at your doorstep to be an all inclusive moving company, let Vehiport be a part of the moving process. With our industry experience, we can offer your business a solution that will not only allow you to offer more services, but an incentive as well.  Your business cannot afford to use anyone else.

Auction Houses

With Vehiport’s focus on the road and individually tailored shipping solutions, you can be sure your clients are well taken care of.  Whether your shipment is from business to business or business to residence, Vehiport is hard at work to make sure your needs are met.

Freight Companies

Expand your customer base by expanding what services you can offer.  Contact us directly today for an opportunity you cannot miss.