Vehiport is an avid supporter of its community by giving back to the people who serve it the most.  Vehiport wants to honor our military and veterans; that is why we are extending the discount program to the armed services. If you are on active duty, retired from the military, member of the reserves, or a member of the National Guard, you are instantly qualified for a discount.

Not only does Vehiport recognize the people who serve over seas, but also honors the ones at our front door.  This means we have applied our discount program to all fire fighters, police officers, and EMS personnel.

Vehiport also invests in the next generation.  If you are a new student or recent graduate, please think of Vehiport as your first step to success. Whether moving back home or to that recently acquired position, you are instantly qualified for a discount to ship your car.

If you are a senior citizen age 65 and up, Vehiport is the auto transport company for you. With years of experience, great prices, excellent costumer service, and senior discount, you can be sure that your vehicle will be in good hands at an affordable price.