Going Green

At Vehiport we are concerned with your needs today and your needs tomorrow. Our Going Green initiative is not just about environmental efficiency but also cutting time and costs.  Not only does Vehiport use cloud computing to save power, but a fully paperless system by implementing digital contracts, online order processing, and digital fax to email.  By eliminating the need for paper, not only do we save you time but we are also helping to save thousands of trees every year.  By transporting multiple vehicles on the same car carrier, we help to save thousands of gallons of fuel every year.

Here are a few other small ways Vehiport is using to conserve energy that can and will add up over time.  We ask you to partner with us in this Going Green initiative.  Every little bit helps!

  1. Set computers to enter system standby or hibernate after 30 minutes of inactivity. Set monitors to enter sleep mode after 5 to 20 minutes of inactivity.
  2. Purchase paper towels and toilet paper made from 35-100% post-consumer recycled materials.
  3. Purchase copy paper, folders, and other office paper products made from 35-100% post-consumer recycled materials.
  4. Print and copy double-sided when possible, tosignificantly reduce paper use and waste.
  5. Eliminate paper, styrofoam, or plastic cups, plates and utensils in the kitchen.  Use mugs, dishes, and silverware instead.
  6. Properly dispose of batteries, paint and chemicals, light bulbs, and electronics.
  7. Recycle or sell your used toner cartridges.
  8. Purchase recycled or remanufactured toner cartridges to realize significant cost savings.
  9. Reduce junk mail by removing your name from national direct marketing databases.
  10. Replace regular light bulbs with high-efficiency and long-lasting compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) or Light Emitting Diodes (LED).
  11. Sign up to pay your bills online and receive invoices and receipts electronically.
  12. Install water flow-rate controls (aerators) on faucets to reduce water waste.
  13. Use environmentally friendly cleaning chemicalsfor daily use such as a non-toxic multipurpose cleaner or glass cleaner.
  14. Install a filtered water tap at your sink or a watercooler for drinking water, instead of purchasing bottled water, to save money and reduce waste.
  15. Choose re-usable cleaning products like sponges instead of paper towels.
  16. Request that your payroll service eliminate the printed version of the pay stub and envelope. Ask them to email pay stub information instead.
  17. Plant native, region-friendly plants to minimize the impact on the local habitat and to limit the amount of irrigation water needed.
  18. Sell or donate unneeded furniture and equipment.
  19. Use your lighting more efficiently with task lighting and day lighting.
  20. Recycle unwanted cell phones and PDAs.

**Courtesy of the Green Business Bureau***

By following these 20 simple little steps, you can help us make sure tomorrow look like today!

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