You need to know

First of all it is important to understand that everyone in this industry works off of the same system. Online, there is one centralized database for shipping vehicles. Let’s name this database “Central.” In order to move a vehicle efficiently in the U.S. you need to have access to all of the trucks on the road, so I would say that the majority of the people you contact to receive a quote is going to be a broker, including us.  We are here to protect you in this process by making sure your driver is licensed, insured, bonded, and has at least a 95% rating.

Essentially, the broker lists a vehicle to Central with a few pieces of information. We list the vehicle type, date available, and the zip codes the vehicle is being transported to and from. Now it is important to understand that there are thousands of trucks on the road who are scanning these listings at all times to find the next vehicle they will be picking up for their route. This industry is purely based upon supply and demand. The lower the price, the longer it may take to locate a carrier that is willing to pick the vehicle. This is the reason why you will see price differences from quote to quote and company to company. WE ONLY QUOTE PRICES THAT VEHICLES HAVE RECENTLY SHIPPED FOR, but we have 3 different pricing levels we offer that will move vehicles quicker.

Budget Rates

STANDARD: Our base package. This pricing is the bare minimum a vehicle has moved for in the past few weeks. At this level, we are appealing to trucks that are already driving through your area with an empty slot. We find that in most areas this happens about once a week, so the usual turn around is 1-7 days for pick-up, but it can take longer. At this price we are working hard to find you the best deal, so time must not be an issue. **About 65% of vehicles posted to Central are priced this way**

GOLD: Our mid-level package. This pricing puts you ahead of most of the pack. We find that this will normally pick a vehicle up in 5 days or less. At this pricing level your vehicle will look more appealing to our carriers. If carriers can make more on your vehicle than your next door neighbor’s then they will pick yours first. This pricing also extends the available driving range of your route. This allows carriers to drive a little out of their way to move your vehicle, thus increasing the amount of available carriers who can transport your listing. **About 30% of vehicles posted to Central are priced this way**

PLATINUM: Our premium Package. This pricing puts you at the top of the pack. At this price your vehicle will be one of the most valuable vehicles on the route. We find that this will normally pick-up a vehicle in 2 days or less. This pricing will extend the available area a carrier will drive up to a few states away. **About 5% of vehicles posted to Central are priced this way**

**TIP** You can always start at the Standard package and increase your bid incrementally if you need to speed things along. It is always our goal to find the quickest transport for the best price for our customers!


**There are between 20,000-26,000 listings available for shipment in the US posted on central every day.

**Different seasons create different traffic patterns.  This will raise and lower prices on each route accordingly.  Example:  during fall, many people move from the NE to the SE for the winter months.  This is called the “snowbird” season.  Prices can almost double for people traveling south and prices can almost cut in half for people going north due to supply and demand.

**Remote areas in border-states can be difficult to move no matter what the price is, but we will work hard to keep you informed and have your vehicle moved quickly.

**Carriers will occasionally contact us with a counter bid on the price we list the vehicle for, normally only on our Standard package.  You can always choose to accept or decline the counter offer.  Sometimes even if you decline a counter offer, the carrier will take it anyways.

**We use a rating system based internally on Central to choose our carriers.  The carrier MUST have a 95% or higher rating in addition to their insurance, licensing, and bonding if we are to do business with them.