Internship Program

Vehiport Internship ProgramVehiport has a passion to invest in education and in training the leaders of tomorrow.  For this reason, we have started the Vehiport Internship Program.  With a strong emphasis on management, corporate relations, and marketing, we aim to help solidify the foundation that has been built by years of schooling.

Internships can play a very important role in the development of a career.  They can help a new graduate “get their foot in the door”.  Many employers look for internship experience before hiring a student fresh out of college.  Not only can someone gain valuable industry knowledge, but they also have time to hone their abilities and gain confidence through real world experience.  In an economy where on the job experience is hard to come by fresh out of school, it is our goal to partner with colleges, universities, and students to help provide the building blocks to a strong resume.

Although the auto shipping industry may be a niche market, an internship at Vehiport will provide valuable experience to any career.  We provide a deep focus on customer service understanding, corporate branding, and real world experience in Internet marketing.   With an ever-growing need for social media, Vehiport takes the opportunity to offer hands on training and experience on the corporate level.

Vehiport strives to nurture creativity in all areas of this program and pushes students towards their business development goals.  Contact us today for more information and current availability.  By choosing Vehiport as your car shipping or auto transport solution, in a way, you can help partner with us in this initiative.