Celebrity Car Shipping

Exotic Luxury Transport VehiportShipping prized possessions such as a classic car, exotic car, or even a daily driver can be stressful enough without even adding privacy into the equation. At Vehiport we make our customer’s privacy of the highest priority.  We understand first hand how the public spotlight can be exhausting so we offer a service that refuses to take advantage of any notoriety.  We thrive on referrals, but we leave that decision in your hands.  We are committed to developing lasting relationships founded on trust and building a history of superior service.  We are in the relocation business to serve you and not the other way around


We designed Vehiport from the ground up to handle any vehicle shipment for any client.  With a foundation built on innovation and customer service, We offer a vehicle transport solution that allows for secure customer logins, online order tracking, and paperless digital contracts.

From professional sports players to high profile government agents; from classic car owners to film and TV personalities, we know how to get the job done and done right.  Whether you are shipping a daily driver, relocating a custom classic, or transporting a supercar; our custom auto transport trailers are designed to handle any need.  Please contact us today with any question.  No question is too small and no need is overlooked.  Think transport?  Think Vehiport.