Enclosed Auto Shipping

Vehiport Enclosed Transport TruckUsing the right equipment for the right vehicle makes the difference between the company that just gets it there and the company that safely gets it there on time. Vehiport Carriers feature a hydraulic lift gate on our enclosed transporter to ensure that low-profile vehicles are loaded with clearance to spare. The lift gate functions like an elevator so your vehicle remains completely level throughout the loading and unloading process. In cases where the loading surface isn’t level, the lift gate can be tilted to ensure smooth loading and will reduce the risk of damage to the undercarriage. This can be crucial for exotic cars, top-fuel race cars, classic cars, and automobiles with less than 2-inches of clearance from the ground. After your vehicle is loaded, soft-tie straps are placed around the axles or tires to keep it secure.

Why does Vehiport put so much effort in to making sure we use the right tools for our enclosed auto customers? Because we know how much you care about your vehicle. We understand how important peace of mind is. Our purpose is stress free relocation. There are many choices for auto transport; our goal is to make the choosing process as comfortable as possible. Vehiport’s enclosed auto transport carrier has a hard-sided, fully enclosed trailer that features equipment you just won’t find using other methods of auto transport. If you need a dependable transporter to get your vehicle to your vacation destination, that next antique auto show, auction, or even the race track; Vehiport is the best choice. With a hard sided, enclosed auto transporter, your vehicle is completely protected from every hazard on the road; from dirt and dust to rocks and weather. If you are moving a collector car to a classic automobile or an exotic car to a race car, you won’t find a safer method than Vehiport’s enclosed transport service.

RACE WEEKENDSVehiport Enclosed Car Transport

Vehiport’s enclosed carriers can handle all types of race cars. From NASCAR style race cars to your weekend warrior with after market modifications, we offer total event packages including roundtrip transport of your race car or multiple cars to the track for testing or race day. We have experienced specialists ready and waiting to make your race week or weekend one that you can remember. Vehiport and its specialists can remain at the track for your convenience and secure your vehicles, tools, engines, transmissions, tires, and miscellaneous parts for the duration of your stay. Have team members that want to share the expense? We can easily handle multiple vehicles and equipment for your convenience. If racing is as important to you as safe and secure transport is to us then contact Vehiport now to book transport for your next racing event.

Race weekend quotes require special attention so please use the contact form below to request your specialized quote.  Full truck load options available include full use of all trailer space capable of simultaneous transport of up to 6 cars.  Space may be used for race equipment as well.

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